It is time again for Hacktoberfest 2018!

It is time again for Hacktoberfest and we already took part in it with our projects and earned our free t-shirt already. On the 20th of October, we started projects during NASA Space Apps Challenge Stuttgart 2018 and collaboratively worked on open-source projects and created pull-requests.

The goal Hacktoberfest was and still is that everyone create at least 5 pull-requests by adding new features or fixing bugs to the software projects and earning a free and limited edition t-shirt by doing so. Hacktoberfest is from 1st to 31st of October 2018.

The hackathon was great, but the Hacktoberfest is still not over. You can start coding your improvements to your own or other people’s projects right now and we would be more than happy if we see your pull-request popping up on our github repository!

Start earning your hacktoberfest shirt today, and never stop coding for open-source software!

Hacktoberfest Shirt 2015
Hacktoberfest Shirt 2015

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