Constellation is a platform for different aerospace related projects that need intensive computational power. The platform supports the efforts of participating projects by providing Distributed Computation capability using BOINC (Berkeley Open Interface for Network Computing).

Constellation will send work-units of attached projects to volunteering, idle PCs where the units are processed. The combined power of all volunteering users will help to solve important scientific tasks in fields from astronomy to aerospace-engineering beginning from student up to university projects. The bottom line is to benefit from the generosity of the volunteers and to benefit from the accumulation of different projects, like sharing programming knowledge in distributed computing and influencing the others‘ simulation by its own solutions.

The platform is an open space for anyone, who is an air and space enthusiast and wants to donate idle computing time or even skill for a sub-project on platform. Applications for sub-project are welcome!

project motivation

In particular in aerospace sciences simulation and optimization are major tasks to minimize structure weight, to maximize thrust or todetermine system reliability. These numerical tasks need a high level of resources and hardware-support and Constellation platform offers distributed computing power to projects from professionals to students to solve their problems in an adequate time without the need to maintain their own super-computer or cluster system. In this way it is possible to get access to the needed computingpower by a wider range of researchers who wouldn’t have been ableto create those resources because of financial, administration and operation or because of bureaucracy reasons. Constellation’s goal is to expedite fundamental and applicable research and bonding researchers with citizen scientists and public.