Call for Google Summer of Code 2017! Student stipends of up to 6600 USD for open-source space coding (please Forward)

Again for the third time,[0] is proud to be selected as an official mentoring organization for the Summer of Code 2017 (GSOC) program run by Google[1].
And we are now looking for students to spend their summers coding on great open-source space software, getting paid up to 6600 USD by Google, releasing scientific papers about their projects and supporting the open-source space community.

Until 3. April 2017, students can apply for an hands on experience with applied space programs. As an umbrella organisation, and KSat-Stuttgart e.V. are offering you various coding ideas[2] to work on:

  • The Distributed Ground Station Network – global tracking and communication with small-satellites[2][4]
  • KSat-Stuttgart – the small satellite society at the Institute of Space Systems / University of Stuttgart[2]
  • or your very own proposal![2]

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Space … the final frontier … for our spaceballoon

Have you ever dreamt of going to space?! At least as a child you did.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to space ~100km quite yet – but at >22km we (our balloon that is) have been higher than at least 99.99% of you out there. Commercial airplanes fly at 8.5km to 10.7km to give you something graspable to compare it to.

Ever since we saw the first footage of a camera attached to a weather balloon we became fascinated by the idea to take our own images. The visible curvature of our small sphere (speak: earth) floating through space captured was ever so inspiring. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money doing so.

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Spaceballoon, will finally travel! Update #1

(English News below)

Hi alle,

eine kleine Erinnerung:
wenn das Wetter gut sein wird, dann werden wir den spaceballoon am Samstag den 4. März vom Rotenberg in Stuttgart starten, Yeah!
Wir werden ab 09:00 Uhr dort sein. Wenn du beim Near-Space Start dabei sein willst und auch bei der Balloonjagd mitmachen willst, dann trage dich doch bitte kurz bei unserem Meetup ein >>

Wir freuen uns auf dich.


„Spaceballoon, will finally travel! Update #1“ weiterlesen