Constellation Projects at Google Summer of Code and ESA Summer of Code in Space

Small projects can be important for space exploration and taken serious by big names.
Google and ESA selected the participatory space group Constellation for their Summer of Code campaigns in 2013.
These campaigns support open-source projects by connecting students with organizations and financially supporting the students while coding.

If you’ve hung around shackspace for a bit you probably already know about Constellation and hgg. This summer Google and ESA decided to sponsor a few sub- and related projects in their respective Summer of Code program!


Constellation’s goal is to provide the creative environment for realization of different aerospace projects.
For instance one branch of the group offers a distributed super-computing platform for solving aerospace related numerical problems. The massive computing power is provided by volunteers donating their idle computing time at home by forming a virtual super-computer via the internet. For this citizen space science method we are using using the open-source software called BOINC (Berkeley Open Interface for Network Computing). Constellation is currently supported by 7000 volunteers providing 20000 host PCs to their computing grid.
With the Summer of Code campaigns Constellation wants to extend the involvement of students in aerospace research and provide computing power to their work.

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