Hackathon: International Space Apps Challenge

The International Space Apps Challenge is your opportunity to build, create, and invent new solutions to challenges of global importance and shackspace is happy to announce that you can join this effort right here in Stuttgart, Germany. shackspace teamed up with AerospaceResearch.net to host a weekend long hackathon (shackspace wiki).

Among the many and still growing numbers of challenges there’s also a few thought up by our fellow colleagues of AerospaceResearch.net. Brightest Night’s aim is to build a network of webcams to measure the ever increasing amount of light pollution introduced by growing urban areas and the spread of civilization into the furthers reaches of formerly untouched nature. A fundamentally different question is posed by Tour of the Solar System which tries to determine if and how it would be possible to visit all the planets of our solar system with a simple Voyager class probe.
You’re free to post your own ideas or pick any idea you want and work on it.

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