[GSoC2018|VisMa|Shantanu] Week #03-05 – Integrating the Integrator

This is GSoC log#02 (view log#01 here). Here I will cover on what I have done in week #03-05 and a gist of what has been accomplished in Phase I coding period.

Done so far …
  • Created parser.py which handles conversion of tokens to LaTeX or strings and vice-versa.
  • Some simplification issues were fixed
  • Integrated the differentiation.py and integration.py to the project along with the step-by-step explanation.
  • Support for partial differentiation and „partial integration“ was added.
  • The code was again refactored to decrease complexity and remove unused modules.
  • Added factorize.py module. Can currently factorize polynomials.

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[GSoC2018|VisMa|Shantanu] Week #01-02 – Making VisMa classy

I came across AerospaceResearch.net when browsing through GSoC organizations. It offered projects both in my field of interests and academic domain. I had to make a hard choice between DirectDemod and VisMa and I finally chose VisMa as my project for GSoC.

This is my first GSoC dev log (more to come). Here I will be blogging about what I learned, what I have done and what I will do. So following is the work I have done in VisMa.

Done so far…

I used the community bonding period to fix minor errors and get more familiar with the source. I restructured the code base so that new modules could be accommodated. Code duplication was reduced using proper imports between modules. New modules like calculus, transform, solversgui etc were initialized. A token IDing module was written to handle equations during calculus operations.

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