[GSOC2017] VisMa – VisualMath with visual equation solving (siddharth)


Mathematics is the field of science which is very vast, and the backbone for all other fields of science. It supports the development of new technologies, and in the development of new technologies. Mathematics plays a very important role in any kind of research and development. I was responsible for developing VisMa, a new project for AerospaceResearch.net under Google Summer of Code – 2017. VisMa, created to create a platform which could solve algebraic equations and perform several other complex functions on it like root finding, integration and differentiation.

The project aims to help people solve complex problems and learn. It can help students in learning concepts. It can be used in research-oriented, double-checking the solution to problems.

Development tools

Python 2.7

PyQt 4.0

Development Process

After the proposal was accepted. The one month community bonding period. I was mostly interacting with Manfred Ehresmann and Andreas Hornig from time to time.

Since this is a new project, a community bonding period has been used. Some GUI mock ups were created by me, so that’s it. The resources for the planning phase and GUI mock ups are available  here . This is the first time I use OpenGL, and PyQT 4.0.

It was that  VisMa’s code  wants to be hosted on  AerospaceResearch.net ’s GitHub organization.

Coding period started from 1st June, PyQT 4.0 was used to build the GUI. Some key features of VisMa’s GUI were dynamic buttons. This is the first step in the process. VisMa also has scope for multiple styles of input, for now it’s just normal and LaTeX style. VisMa wants to be able to store a history of older expressions. PyQT had a slight learning curve, but event based programming was pretty straight forward.

Each module was created it such a way that they are independent from all the other modules. This allows us to make changes in one module without effecting any other module. Also allows us to just plug in the modules, and use it with the software with minimal integration steps required.

The final GUI looks something like this:

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