[GSoC-2019|VisMa|Mayank] GSoC 2019, A final wrap up!

visma-VISualMAth, an equation solver and visualizer, which aims at showing the step-by-step solution & interactive plots of a given equation. As of now, VisMa is able to deal with matrices, multi-variable simultaneous equations & higher degree equations (up to four degrees) as well.

Via this blog, I will be giving a final wrap to everything I did during my wonderful stay at AerospaceResearch.net.

Before the start of GSoC 2019, following major deliverables were decided:

  • Re-writing simplify modules (addsub.py & muldiv.py) by using build-in class methods.
  • Adding support for Expression simplification
  • Adding a module for Discrete Mathematics
  • Adding support for equation solvers for cubic & biquadratic polynomials.
  • Adding support for simultaneous equations
  • Enhancing integration & derivation modules
  • Integrating matrix module with GUI
  • Rendering LaTex and Matplots in CLI
  • Including a Discrete Mathematics Module (including combinatorics, probability & statistics module)

All of the above-mentioned deliverables have been implemented. The commits referencing these changes are available at this link.

Below GIF shows the now integrated CLI module in action:

Some images showing matrix operations with VisMa are as follows:

Adding new modules & improving old ones was a great learning experience. Bugs were sometimes annoying however, each bug resulted in learning something new. That pretty much sums up all I did during GSoC.

I have written a developer blog for each of the Phases of GSoC, they are available as follows:

  • Phase I – Improving simplify module, simultaneous equations & higher degree equations
  • Phase II – Combinatorics, Statistics, Simple Probability, Expression simplification etc.
  • Phase III & a CHANGELOG – More cases on Expression Simplification, Constant raised to some fractional (or solvable) powers, documentations etc.

Ideas to be implemented in future:

  • Implementing an Equation Scanner should be an idea in the coming future. It would improve the user interface & productivity of application many folds.
  • Adding feature for simplification of trigonometric variables could be an important addition.
  • Making an Android App & Web App for the project could be a great idea too. Anything available as an app or a web app has indeed a greater audience.

Some links which readers might find useful:

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I am Mayank from India. I am GSoC 2019 Student working on the project VISual MAth. I am a space enthusiast who loves Open Source!

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