Here are the global nominees for NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017 and they need your voting support!

We are very happy to anounce our two Space Apps Stuttgart 2017 winning projects Tunnel-God-Detector and Whata. And Whata needs your voting support for the People’s Choice Award of the world’s biggest global hackathon!

(go to the voting page daily, search for „Whata“, Click on „vote“ and hold it until it says „voted“, that’s it, thank you! 🙂 )

During last weekend’s NASA hackathon, those two teams worked on solving global problems under this year’s theme „Earh Observation“. They tackled two different challenges and came up with excellent open-source solutions utilizing space data and create something new to help people. They both earned the global nominations and we wish them good luck in the final round where they compete against more than 1000 projects created by 20,000 people.

Please consider voting for Whata starting from 8th until 21th of May because each daily vote counts! If you like, join their teams and work together on their open-source projects.

The Whata team worked on „Where’s the Water?“ to use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings. They’d like to help people find reliable water sources. They came up with providing the means with low-cost, easy-to-fabricate sensors, open-data, and existing govermental data.

The Tunnel-God-Detector team had a personal twist on the „When Landslides Strike“ challange, that originally aimed about teams designing an easy-to-use tool to allow the public to discover and understand landslide data, and to contribute their own observations for use by emergency managers. They selected this challenge and and adapted it to a very shackspatial eperience. In shackspace, you reguarly feel tremors caused by targeted detonations to the S21 tunnel construction site. So they came up with this awesome idea to detect and locate the origin of tremors. And while discussing the idea, another (virtually present) team member’s experience about an earth quake she felt in Skopje, Macedonia in December 2016 made them work on creating those sensors. In this way, they want to support emergency teams respond faster and save more people.

All 20 peope had fun during those 2 days and it showed, how much creativity is in everyone of us. We will definetively try to bring back the NASA Space Apps Challenge in 2018!

Thank you to everyone and we will keep you updated about the nominees.

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