[GSoC2018|DirectDemod|Vinay] Final Blog Report

In this blog post I will briefly talk about what I have done in my three month work period at AerospaceResearch.net. I will link to all the code, documentation, blogs etc. that were the product of this work.

What was done?

  •  The directDemod module was written from scratch with several modules that will help in easy handling of raw IQ files.
  •  Implementation of NOAA demodulation and decoding completed with several features such as color image production, map overlay.
  • Implementation of Meteor M2 (QPSK) and Funcube (BPSK) demodulators.
  • Accurate sync detection in NOAA, Meteor M2 and Funcube.
  • Individual module documentation, tutorials and getting started guides.

Links to the work products:

How to get started with using the software?

If you want to use it to decode your raw files, mainly as a product user. Please refer to the getting started guide.

If you want to understand the code and contribute you can do the following:

  1. To understand generally what the code is doing please read my blogs @ (https://aerospaceresearch.net/?author=12)
  2. To understand how to use some of the modules please refer to the tutorial files
  3. To get a deeper understanding and innerworkings of filters, chunking etc. modules read through the experiment logs in the repo.
  4. Please refer to the documentation to get a complete list of features available in the modules.

What can be further done?

  • The Funcube sync finding can be better tested and tuned, so that it performs better.
  • Add data decoding functionality for Meteor M2 and Funcubes to get the images out of them etc.
  • Fine tune the color image production of NOAA images
  • Further ideas can be found at https://github.com/aerospaceresearch/DirectDemod/issues

If you have further questions you can always comment on this blog, open an issue in the github or email me directly.

Autor: Vinay C K

an Electronics and Communication engineering student from IIIT Bangalore, India.

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