[GSoC2018|DirectDemod|Vinay] Week #3-4 : NOAA-APT signal decoding

In my last blog  the process of accurately extracting sync locations within the NOAA APT signal was explored. In this blog, I would like to extend the comparison of the two methods that were implemented. Then look at how the process is influenced by presence of noise, sample drops and doppler effect.

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[GSoC2018|DirectDemod|Vinay] Week #1 – Accurate sync detection from NOAA-APT signals

Hello everyone!

A little introduction since this is my first post: I am Vinay, an Electronics and Communication engineering student from IIIT Bangalore, India. I am working for AerospaceResearch.net under the Google Summer of Code (2018) programme. This organization was among very few organizations that caught my eye, owing to their very interesting projects in my fields of interest. I really believe in the core ideas of this organization, which is a great motivation for me. So far, it has been a great experience working on my project under the mentorship of Mr. Andreas Hornig.

This blog post will look at how synchronisation signals are being detected in the NOAA APT transmissions accurately.

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