TYCHO paper now published in Acta Astronautica! [online / Volume 108]

So honored!
My TYCHO paper is now published in Acta Astronautica! I did that as my Diploma Thesis at the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart and the paper was selected for Acta Astronautica during the International Astronautical Congress 2013 in Beijing.

It’s a concept study about a communication relays satellite in Earth-Moon Libration point (EML-4) as a permanent infrastructure. So something similar Elon Musk will need for his SpaceX and Google „space internet“ 😉

You can get it for free until March 5, 2015 -> http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1QN6u_29e7yxw– or here Volume 108, March–April 2015, Pages 156–170