[GSoC2019|DirectDemod|Vladyslav M] Final Blog Report

In this blog, I will summarize all the work, that has been done during my three months of work at AerospaceResearch.net.

The resulting product is a fully functional web application and a set of supporting logic, that allows uploading, georeferencing, combining and displaying NOAA weather images. Below, more specific features are listed.

Work done

  • implemented functionality to extract and store satellite metadata
  • designed and implemented an accurate image georeferencing algorithm
  • designed and implemented an algorithm to merge several satellite images, taking care of overlapping areas
  • created CLI interfaces for each part of package API
  • implemented generation of web map and virtual globe
  • built custom web application, which includes web server backend with Flask and frontend
  • deployed the working application to the web (demo version at
  • wrote tests, documentation, installation instructions and usage tutorials

Links to work

Getting started

For installation please see the installation guide in the repository description. To start using specific features please refer to the tutorials page, it contains usage examples with corresponding sample files for each use case. If you want to know more about how the software is working, please read my blogs. They describe in sufficient detail how the software is working.

Further work

  • Set up automatic data uploading from recording stations.
  • Set up a DNS domain.


If you have any questions or issues concerning the usage of the software you can ask for help / open issues on GitHub or contact me directly.

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