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Constellation@HOME is meant to become a platform for different mainly but not exclusively space related projects that needs intensive computational power. The platform will support the efforts of participating projects by providing Distributed Computation capability using BOINC (Berkeley Open Interface for Network Computing). Constellation@HOME will send work-units of attached projects to volunteering, idle PCs where the units are progressed. The combined power of all volunteering users will help to solve important scientific tasks in fields from astronomy to aerospace-engineering beginning from student up to university projects. The bottom line is to benefit from the generosity of the volunteers and to benefit from the accumulation of different projects, like sharing programming knowledge in distributed computation and influencing the others' simulation by its own solutions.

The platform is intended to directly accept any attached project, and to provide help for it.

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Simulations taking part in Constellation@Home

A spacecraft trajectory optimization system.
On The Moon
A holistic simulation of the Lunar system.

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Extreme Machines
Extreme machines


Status from EXTREME MACHINES: Changed scilab code for wheel simulation to actor based model - this way each actor takes a group of WorkUnits, and each actor can be spread over a further set of computers, making the load on one computer TRIVIAL
YOU decide how we abbreviate "AerospacResearch.net". Give us your votes here on RKN.net forum! (aerospaceres, aerospacersrch, beyondaerospace, AeSpeRe_net, ASResearch_net, aerosearch_net, ARN - inklusive ARNCO, ARDN, ASRDN?)
Server runs and it runs good with Dotsch/UX. Going live soon!
Testing Scilab.org Master Branch Version for BOINC purposes, "CMD Line Minimal Installation" seems promising!
Passed the server, 2 HDDs and 2 new* Sata-cables for configuration and linux installation.
* previous cables wereto short, although the salesman had a reference cable, so both were replaced and I have two blisters on the sole of a foot because of walking 9 km, they hurt, but it's worth it!
Picked up 2 Samsung SpinPoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB harddisk-drives and sata-cables forthe server. Wow are sata-cables expensive!
TrackJack: coding checkpoint-system for release, so that only few bits will be wasted, when paused or interupted. XML-files are great!
Server-hardware arrived, doing server preparation. Two additional HDDs are ordered for RAID-mirroring.
Server-hardware rolling out, expected arrival: "tomorrow"
Server-hardware ordered, counting milliseconds until its arrival
Domains AerospaceResearch.net and BeyondAerospace.net registered.
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